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bunt drills

Bunt drills to make bunting practice fun and exciting.

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Baseball Art

Baseball art, photos, posters and memorabilia to add to your collection.

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big barrel baseball bats

Using big barrel baseball bats in youth leagues can slow down the proper development in young hitters.

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Baseball Bookstore

Checkout these championship eBooks in our baseball bookstore

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Baseball Pitching Mechanics

Proper pitching mechanics will increase velocity, improve control, and reduce injuires.

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pitching grips

Correct pitching grips to help a pitcher maximize his potential

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pitching stats

Description of standard pitching stats and how to keep each one.

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Baseball practice times

Outline of suggested baseball practice times for youth leagues to high school

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hitting tips

Hitting tips that will improve your game

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baseball instruction

Baseball instruction to really improve your GAME.

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Ultimate Baseball Forearm Training

Baseball forearm and grip training secrets to take your game to the next level.

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Baseball 60 yard dash

Why are baseball players evaluated in the 60 yard dash?

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Baseball Practice Organization and Tips

Tips for successful baseball practice organization. Be organized and earn the confidence of your players, parents, and assistant coaches.

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baseball drills

Baseball Drills for Infielders and Outfielders

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Tips for coaches and parents on teaching players how to set goals in baseball and reach them.

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