Baseball conditioning drills are important, but they can be done using fun drills while reinforcing important skills for the players. It's a must that youth league coaches make this part of practice enjoyable. We often end our practice with fun baseball conditioning drills. Everyone goes home in a good mood, and really tired.

A stop-watch and notepad is one sure way to pick up the intensity when running bases. Running in teams and using combined times or relays will encourage the slower runners to compete and not worry about beating a faster runner. Post the team scores the next day in th dugout or make the losing team pick up equipment. Kids love to compete and this will make this part of practice go from dreadful to exciting.

During these activities students will be conditioning, learning about base running techniques/timing, and most importantly having fun.

Fun Baseball Conditioning Drills:


 Players form two single-file lines on the left field foul line. Two coaches are positioned in shallow center field 10 yards apart. Player 1 in line A will jog to Coach A in shallow centerfield and then sprint to the right field foul line while catching a soft looping line drive thrown by the coach. Player 1 in line B will do the same jogging to Coach B in deep center field.

 Once all players in both lines have reached the right field foul line repeat the drill advancing back across the outfield grass to the left field foul line.

 Players love this drill (it’s like running a pass pattern and having the QB-coach- hit you with the pass on the run) and they are practicing their eye-hand coordination at the same time they are conditioning. When players start to get tired challenge them by seeing which line can catch the most consecutive throws.

 With younger players, ages 7-9, use tennis balls.

 Coaches can make the throws tougher for more advance players. (If fewer than 10-12 players, use one line)


 Players form three lines, one in deep left field, one in deep right field, and one directly behind second base.

 Coach stands next to the line at second base. Coach gives the GO command and the first person in each line will sprint to a point in the middle of center field.

 Coach throws a pop fly to center field and the players must communicate by saying I GOT IT.

SIDEBAR: This is a fun baseball conditioning drill and a great drill for fly ball communication. Be sure to give careful and clear communication instruction to keep players from colliding.

When doing this for the first time, be sure to throw the ball closer to one of the three players. It will be obvious when that player calls for the ball.

Players should use the word I GOT IT two times, loudly, and with a voice of authoriy. Using multiple words will be more distinguishable and easier to understand than only using the single word MINE.

Some coaches teach players to use the word MINE due to simplicity, but it only adds to the communication confusion for players.

 Players must rotate counter clockwise and sprint hard to the next line (RF to 2B, 2B to LF, LF to RF)

 Player catching the ball should give the player advancing to the 2B line with an underhand throw or hand- off. This usually occurs quickly as players are scurrying to the end of the next line.

 Coach should wait until players are almost back to the next line before giving the GO signal for the next player in line. Encourage players to sprint and hustle. Players in line should encourage those hustling back.

 A bucket of balls should be kept at the 2B line. An assistant coach, manager, or injured player can feed the coach the next ball from the bucket and receive the ball from the player advancing to the line from the RF line.

Baseball Conditioning Drills

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