Baseball Forearm Training

Grip Explosion Secrets To Dominate Your Opponent

There is not a lot of information out there about baseball forearm and grip training. In fact, it's often overlooked in many of the player workouts today. I recently ran across some great information for training the lower arm from Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Jedd Johnson.

Jedd is a National Grip Champion and is referred to by his peers as the "Monster of Mash". Jedd has written eBooks on "How To Tear a Deck of Cards" and "How to Bend a Nail With Your Bare Hands" Ok, I know what you're thinking, what does this have to do with baseball?

Well, Jedd's background began in baseball. He was a high school baseball player in Pennsylvania and a pitcher for Mansfield University before an elbow injury ended his career. This is when Jedd's fascination with weight training and grip training began.

Jedd understands that very few baseball players really take the time to concentrate on forearm/grip strength. But if you think about it forearm and grip strength is essential to success as a hitter or on the mound. The muscles in your hands are attached to the muscles in your forearm. Taking the time to properly strengthen this area of your body could give you more bat speed or arm strength creating an explosion in your baseball production, not to mention preventing arm injuries. Jedd believes that proper forearm/grip training can prevent injuries to the elbow and shoulder or in the case of those already injured can be implemented as a rehab program.

Take the time to look at the complete interview we did with Jedd Johnson below for the Ultimate Baseball Forearm Training Program. This is a comprehensive program to improve a player's forearm strength and gain maximum grip explosion.

Baseball Forearm Training Interview

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