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Are you currently payng for baseball instruction?
Do you wonder if you're GETTING YOUR MONEY'S WORTH?
Is the baseball instruction being given your player MAKING A DIFFERENCE?

One of the reasons I started this website was to help baseball coaches and parents with their kids. Several times each month I receive requests to give lessons. I wish there was enough time, but it's just not possible.

There are very few quality instructors I endorse and it pains me to see players being taught things today that can actually slow their development. But how can someone know if they are receiving quality baseball instruction?

That's one of the problems I see today with the extended amount of playing that's done throughout the year. Nothing is wrong with playing, but players never spend time in skill development and continue a cycle of bad habits from one season to the next.

See, I have a theory that has proven itself over and over again.
There are too many that substitute a weekly lesson for the work that needs to be done all week long. Its great to get a 30 minute lesson one time a week, but don't wait until the next week to practice again. It would be much better to hit 4-5 days a week for 30 minutes without any lessons at all.

In my opinion, players can become better through visual images of themselves and practice. If they can get a visual image of themself and work on what they see, then they can improve.

This is the reason for developing eLessons here on Expert Baseball Tips. It's an easy way for you to understand what needs to be done. We'll give you a plan that will work. You take control of the lessons, instead of the instructor. It also gives you the flexibility to go at your own pace and use the lessons that best fit your needs and/or budget.

Here's How eLessons Work:

1. Take about 15-20 seconds of video in a game or practice of your player using a digital video recorder*. It's best to take the video from their front side. (For example, if they were a RH batter, take video from the 1B dugout side. For a RH pitcher, video would be taken from the 3B dugout side.)

2. Download the video to your computer/laptop. Using a flashdrive is one easy way to download to your computer/laptop.

*I find that the quality of the iPhone recorder works well and its easy to email from your phone, just don't make it too long. We only need 2-3 swings/pitches. I use the iPhone recorder all the time and email it to myself, downloading it on my laptop. It's fast and easy.

3. Purchase the the eLesson plan below that best fits your needs.

4. Once purchased, you will be directed to an eLesson Instruction page on sending us your video clip.

5. We will analysis the video and send back an evaluation in 4-7 business days, depending on the number of videos we are evaluting that week.

6. Please keep in mind that not all changes can be made at once. Although we may give you an analysis of skills to be developed we may only give you a few drills to do at one time.

7. After 2-3 weeks of practicing, take another video and send it to us for a follow up analysis. You are always free to email us if you have questions about the evaluation or the drills that we subscribe.

Baseball Instruction:
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