Baseball Practice Organization and Tips

Building a Blueprint for a Championship Baseball Practice

Baseball Practice Organization

The degree of baseball practice organization will vary depending on the level of competition and the age you are coaching.

If you’re a youth league coach I’m guessing you don’t have a lot of extra time and energy to spend creating practice plans. You need a simple tool to assist you in running an effective practice.

Baseball practice organization is extremely important and does require some planning. But don’t worry, we have baseball practice plans that you may begin utilizing tomorrow. Specific organized baseball practice plans will build your team’s confidence and parent trust.


In a familiar routine players will know what to expect and continuity in the routine will build confidence between teammates. This doesn’t indicate practices should be boring, but staying with the daily baseball practice plan and rotating a variety of drills into the practice routine will keep the players interested and enthusiastic about learning.

Its best to keep drills and practice time in segments of 15, 20, and 30 minute time segments. It also allows the players to practice with a higher volume of intensity and concentration.

I'm sometimes asked if its hard to stay on time. To tell you the truth, I've used a routine for so long that I don't pay attention to the time and often I don't need a written plan (only a pad to make notes). I have a feel for the shorter segments (although in high school we can spend 40-45 minutes in a batting practice or scrimmage session) If I don't get to something that was planned that day, I make a note and cover it the next practice.

We usually start every day with on the field batting practice. That takes about 35-40 minutes. After a short break, we follow BP with light stretches/plyometrics, throwing, infield/outfield drills,pitching practice, conditioning.

Pitching practice will vary according to the players that need to throw or the ones that may have pitched in a recent game. Sometimes this occurs during an infield/outfield drill or after practice time.

Wednesdays are spent on defensive plays such as pickoffs, first and third situations, or pitchers fielding practice (PFPs).

We spend two days a week working on defensive situatiuons and two days a week working on offensive situations, like a hit and run drill,safety squeeze, etc.,..

During preseason we also spend two days scrimmaging.

We even have routines within routines. For example, all of our players know that every day when we hit batting practice on the field we ALWAYS start the first round with OPPOSITE FIELD HITTING.

Length of practices are also extremely important. Coaches should stay on time and avoid going over board. Nothing frustrates parents more than being confused and unsure about the time their child will be finished.
Baseball practice organization should be simple and cover specific skills to improve. Get In, Get Done, Get Out!! Do not confuse players with complicated drills or have dead times in practices when players are standing around.


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