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When formulating your Baseball practice plan blueprint, the key is to have the same ROUTINE each practice, but with a variety of drills and competitions.

Please keep in mind that practice lengths and frequency of practices will vary according to age.

Here is a sample practice plan for a Preseason Youth League Practice (Ages 10-12: 1 hour and 20 minute practice)

• Throwing/Catching Drills (15 minutes)

• Infield-Outfield Practice/Drills (25 minutes

• Batting Practice (30 minutes)

• Base Running/Conditioning Drills (10 minutes)
conditioning drills should be fun

SIDE BARS: (Notes)

Working with Pitchers: Coaches can easily work with 4-6 pitchers a week by keeping 2-3 each for 10 minutes at the end of practice. Catchers should also stay and work with the coaches and help catch pitchers. A separate pitching practice blueprint should be formulated and followed for the pitching staff.

Improving Individual Skills: Keep 3-4 Players after practice for 10 minutes to work on a specific skill set such as bunting, double play footwork, etc.,. Rotate each practice working with different players, while another coach is working with pitchers/catchers. Also, 10 minutes may be spent before practice with a different set of players. Make sure all players are treated equally and receive work. Be sure to tell the parents you will be doing this and give them a list they can depend on to know what days their child will need to come a few minutes early or stay late. Keep it to 10 MINUTES, not one minute longer. Parents will appreciate it and encourage their child to focus for those 10 minutes.

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